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January 2004

National Poverty in America Month. Created to promote public awareness of the continuing existence of poverty and social injustice in America.  The purpose is to encourage the public to support efforts to eradicate poverty by increasing their understanding of the causes and solutions, and to promote their participation in, and support for, anti-poverty programs. National Poverty in America Month is sponsored by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, a private funder of self-help programs for the poor and disenfranchised in the U.S., regardless of religion, race, or ethnic origin. 








Emancipation Proclamation (1863) : United States.

Independence Day : Haiti.

New Year's Day.
2 3
4 5 6
Christmas : Armenian Apostolic Church.

Epiphany : Christian.

Three Kings Day (Día de los Trés Magos) : Puerto Rico
7 8
Martyrs' Day : Panama.           

 All University Dance - Building the Dream. 10 pm. Club Escape.

10 La Fiesta de su Bibioteca. Multicultural stories, games & treats for children. 1-3 pm. Corvallis Public Library. Free.

Independence Manifesto Day : Morocco.

National Unity Day : Nepal.

Open Forum on Hunger in Corvallis. 1-5 pm. Oddfellows Hall, downtown Corvallis.

12 "Women who Dared". Experiences at sea. 12-1:00 pm OSU Women's Center Brown bag lunch series.

"Let Freedom Ring" OSU MLK Opening Ceremony. 11:30 am. MU Lounge, OSU

"Race: The Power of An Illusion - the Difference between us" Video & debrief. 3-5 pm. MU Lounge, OSU

13 "Leading Edge: Ethics and Leadership" 3:30 pm. MU 207, OSU 14 "The Way Home" video & discussion. 11 am. MU 208, OSU

"Race: The Power of An Illusion - The Story we Tell" Video & debrief. 3-5 pm. MU Lounge, OSU

15 "The International History of Race and Nation, 1919 and 1945". Glenda Sluga, Univ. of Melbourne. 4 pm. OSU Memorial Union 206.

"Education without Boundaries" Cheryl Henderson. City of Corvallis MLK Celebration. 7 pm. LaSells Stewart Center, OSU. Free

MLK Birthday Party. 5 pm. Black Cultural Center, OSU.

16 "Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin" Video & Discussion. 11 am. MU 208, OSU

"Race: The Power of An Illusion - the House we live in" Video & debrief. 3-5 pm. MU Lounge, OSU

"Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, Parts I & II" 6 pm. MU Leadership Center

"Noche Caliente" Live Salsa Music & Dance Lessons, food & speakers. Free. Meso American Student Assoc. 6:30 pm OSU - CH2 Alumni Center.

Sending Off the Kitchen God Day : China

"Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, Parts III & IV" 6 pm. MU Leadership Center

Revolution Day : Tunisia        China Night/Chinese New Year. 6pm. OSU MU. $
19                Martin Luther King Jr. Day (observed) United States

MLK Children's Celebration. Majestic Theater. 3:30 pm. Free.

Annual Peace Breakfast. 7:30-9 am. MU Ballroom. "Building the Dream, Teaching Each Other". $, tickets from MU Business Office.

Candlelight Vigil. 6:00 pm. Meet at Black Cultural Center and walk toMU Steps

20 "Where's My forty acres? and other broken promises. noon. MU 212. OSU.

"International Perspectives on the Dream" Open Forum. 6-8 pm. Snell MU Easter International Forum. OSU

Our Lady of Altagarcia : Dominican Republic

New Year - Tibet

"Scout's Honor" video & discussion. 11 am. MU 208. OSU

"Building the Dream" Community Service Fair. 10am-4 pm. MU Ballroom, OSU

Evening of Song and Poetry. 7-9 pm. MU Lounge OSU

22               New Year : China.  New Year (Sol) : Korea.               New Year (Losar) : Tibet.               New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan) : Vietnam


23 Interfaith Prayer Service for "Building the Dream: Reaching Each Other, Teaching Each Other" 24 Vietnamese Cultural Show. 1-5 pm. La Sells Stewart Center, OSU. Free.  Vietnamese  social Dance 8pm - midnight, MU Ballroom.
25 Hebrew Crash Course. Beit Am. 9 am - 4 pm. 625 NW 36th St, Corvallis 26
Australia Day : Australia.

Juan Pablo Duarte's Birthday : Dominican Republic.

Republic Day : India
27 Community Alliance for Diversity Board Meeting 8:30-10 am. Gazette-Times Building. Public Welcome

28 29                  The Hahh:  Islam (1/29-2/3)

First Annual OSU Social Change Conference. January 29-31. http://oregonstate.edu/student involvement/socialchange.html



30 31
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