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May 2004

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.
Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month began in 1979 as Asian Heritage Week, established by congressional proclamation. From then until 1993, the period for recognizing Asian/Pacific Americans was created by congressional proclamation each year. President George Bush, on October 23, 1992, signed legislation into law that made May of each year Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.
Older Americans Month.
Established by presidential proclamation to honor the contributions of older Americans to society.








May Day (Labor Day) - International

Fundraising Dinner for Cornerstones Association Job Scholarship Program. OSU Alumni Center.
2 "Mid-Valley Housing Plus Fundraiser - Spring Piano Concert". First Congregational Church. 4515 SW West Hills, Corvallis 4:40 pm
4 5 Cinco de Mayo. 6   7 LBCC Fiesta. 6-9 pm. Free food and music. LBCC

Cinco de Mayo Concert. 8-11 pm. MU Quad. OSU

8 Lag B'Omer: Jewish
9 Mother's Day in United States & Finland

Lag B'Omer: Jewish

10 Mother’s Day in Mexico   OSU Queer Pride Week Kick-Off BBQ. MU Quad. 12-2 pm. Free.

"Interracial Relationships: Acquaintances, Friends & Partners" 5:30-7 pm. OSU MU 208

11  "Safer Sex in the Queer Community" 4-6 pm. La Raza Rm. MU, OSU.

"Understanding the Issue: Marriage Equality". 6-7 pm. MU 208. OSU

"Hunger in Oregon: Who's Hungry & Why?" 12-1 pm. OSU MU 206

12  "Interracial Relationships" Free diversity training. 5:30-7 pm. La Raza Rm, MU, OSU

"Culture Shock" Part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. 7-9 pm. APASU 149 MU East, OSU

13  "Understanding Bisexuality" 11 am - 1 pm. La Raza Rm. MU, OSU.

"Queer Community Honoring Ceremony" 6-8 pm. MU Ballroom. OSU

14 "Coming Out: Queers & Allies" 11 am - 1 pm. La Raza Rm. MU, OSU.

"Drag Show and Dance" 8-11 pm. MU Ballroom, OSU                       

"Marriage Matters: Exploring Issues of Legally Sanctioned Same-Sex Unions" 7 pm. First United Methodist Church, Corvallis.

"Global Perspectives on Poverty & Hunger" 12-1pm OSU MU 206

15   La fiesta de su biblioteca, a bilingual English/Spanish program. Corvallis Public Library. 11 am. 
16  "Pilipino Night '04" 149 MU East. Free. OSU 17  Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka (1954) "Opening Ceremony for 50th Anniv. of Brown vs. Board of Education Decision. 7 pm. MU Main Lounge, OSU.

"Faces and Places of Asia" CAD Forum with OSU ICSP students from Asia. 7 pm. Corvallis Public Library. Refreshments!

18 "The Road to Brown". Video/Discussion. MU Powell Leadership Rm. OSU. 11:30-1:30.

"Browning Brown: The Mexican American Contribution to the Desegregation of the US". 4-5:30 pm. OSU

"12th Annual Wheel-a-thon" Fundraiser for OSU Multiple Schlerosis clinic. 9am-5 pm. MU Quad, OSU

19   "Local Color" Video/Discussion. MU Powell Leadership Rm. OSU. 11:30-1:30 pm

Affirmative Action Speech. Shanta Drive, National Director of BAMN. Music & Dance. LaSells Stewart Center, OSU. 7 pm

20  "OSU Faculty of Color Share their Experiences"  MU Powell Leadership Rm. OSU. 11:30-1:30 pm. 21 NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet, 6 pm. Adair Clubhouse, Adair. ?'s 754-1353

"Eyes on the Prize: School Desegregation 1957-1962" Video/Discussion. MU Powell Leadership Rm. OSU 11:30-1:30.

23 24 "Indian Boarding Schools: the Institutional Segregation of Indian Children"  Panel Discussion. MU Powell Leadership Rm. OSU 25
Maulid an-Nabi (Prophet Muhammad's Birthday) : Islam

Africa Day : Zambia, Zimbabwe

Shavuoth (Festival of Weeks): Jewish

"Local Color - Benton County" Discussion. MU Powell Leadership Rm. OSU. 11:30-1:00

26 "Where are we now in School Desegregation? A Look to the Future" Panel Discussion. MU Powell Leadership Rm. OSU. 11:30-1:00. 27 ed) 28  29
Mother's Day in Nicaragua
31 Memorial Day (observed)

Founding of the NAACP (1910) :


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