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CAD offers a series of forums to provide the community a means of openly and productively discussing various diversity issues. Our forum series will continue in the Fall of 2004. Please let us know of topics you would like our forums to address.

Our last forum "Faces and Places of Asia" was held on May 17, 2004. The forum  featured OSU international students from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam who used music, dance, and other presentations to teach about the cultural diversity of Asia.    

The forum "Local Housing:  What are the problems? What are the Solutions?" was held April 19, 2004. Representatives from several housing agencies and organizations discussed discrimination and affordability issues. Gazette-Times Article on the Housing Forum.

Mental Illness and Diversity in Our Community was held February 17, 2004. Advocates, consumers, and providers of mental health services discussed mental health issues important to our community.  Gazette-Times Article on the Mental Illness Forum.

The forum, "Africa: Continent of Many Cultures", was held on November 19, 2003 at the Corvallis Public Library. This forum featured OSU international students from Africa, who serve as "cultural ambassadors" as part of the OSU International Cultural Service Program. Through stories, demonstrations, and slides, they shared the music, dance, languages, crafts, religions, and other cultural aspects of their countries. It was a wonderful way to learn about the cultural diversity of Africa, a continent of 54 countries with over 1000 spoken languages!          Gazette-Times Article on the Africa Forum

The forum "Honoring Diversity: It Includes Our Gay Youth" was held on April 23, 2003 at the Corvallis Public Library. This was a great opportunity for parents, educators, and other community members to learn about the problems encountered locally by GLBT youth and how to provide a safe and supportive environment for them.                    Gazette-Times Article on the Gay Youth Forum  

Our second forum,  "Erase the Hate in Our Community" was held on February 20, 2003 at the Corvallis Public Library. The forum was on Skin Heads and Other Hate Groups. It was led by Steven Stroud, a former Skin Head, and current Director of the non-profit organization, Oregon Spotlight. Oregon Spotlight focuses on hate crime prevention through education and through the practice of Martin Luther King JR’s six principles of non-violence.                                                    Steven Stroud Biography Read the valuable advice Stroud shared for recognizing and ending hate groups: Gazette-Times Article on the Erase the Hate Forum

OSU Barometer Article on the Erase the Hate Forum

Our first forum was "Patriotism: How United Do We Stand?"  It was facilitated by William Uzgalis, OSU Philosophy Professor. Several community members, with diverse views, shared their perspectives on patriotism. Then Dr. Uzgalis gave a brief overview of the history and practices of patriotism in our country and posed stimulating questions for small and large group discussion. The forum was held November 4, 2002 at the Corvallis Public Library.                                   Gazette-Times Article on the Patriotism Forum





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