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Community Forums

CAD offers facilitated community forums to foster community discussion and to allow controversial issues to be addressed openly and productively. This allows a safe and productive means for discussing contentious issues which, when not addressed, can disrupt and polarize a community. For example, following the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States, incidents of backlash and discrimination began to occur within Corvallis. In response, on September 19th, 2001, CAD held a community forum at the Corvallis Library. Approximately 65 community members participated in a facilitated discussion about what we could do as a community in response to the events and how to address concerns regarding potential acts of retaliation against Middle Eastern and Muslim community members. On September 12, 2002, approximately one year later, CAD held another Community Forum which was part of a community-wide commemoration of Sept. 11th. The forum was titled "Peace, Justice, Compassion, and Community Reflection" and was produced in collaboration with the Foundation for Global Community. At the forum, community members reflected on the impact of Sept. 11th on their lives and on the community, country, and world.

Hate-Watch Group
On May 13, 2002, CAD held a forum for community members to address a recent leafleting of hate literature and other incidents of discrimination and to develop an effective and supportive community response. This forum was attended by approximately 50 community members and was endorsed by a wide group of community organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce; City of Corvallis; County Board of Commissioners; League of Women Voters; NAACP; Hispanic Advisory Committee; NOW; PFLAG; After 8; Baha’is; and the OSU Offices of Diversity Development and Multicultural Affairs. Several excellent ideas were generated from this forum for supporting groups targeted by hate literature and community members will be pursuing these ideas, with the support of CAD’s staff and Board of Directors.

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